Jan and Coty Van Rijssel Berghaus Edelhirsch

Welcome to our mountain home!

We are Jan and Coty van Rijssel.

In 2017 we discovered Carinthia and it has captured our hearts. When we had the opportunity to build a holiday home in Seltschach entirely according to our wishes, we seized it with both hands!

We really enjoy it ourselves, together with our children and grandchildren. The many opportunities to undertake activities, enjoy nature, visit Italy and Slovenia (not well known yet, but highly recommended!), the friendly people, the delicious food and the beautiful wines.

We would love to share this with others who also appreciate this and want to enjoy their free time in this beautiful area.

You are very welcome here!

Do you have questions about our holiday villa, the surroundings or the trip? You can reach us at the telephone number or email address below.

Company information
van Rijssel Johannes u. Mitbes.
Dreilandeneck-Wald nr. 6, Grundbuch 75447
9601 Arnoldstein, Carinthia, Austria
ATU 759 20 737
GISA 61285/1915
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Planning your trip

By car, it is 909 miles from London. The motorway runs until about 1.5 mi from the house, which is accessible via a well-maintained provincial road also in winter).

You can also fly: to Salzburg, Venice, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Trieste or Graz.